Thursday, May 30, 2013

Malaga Island exhibit closes, but online materials and personal relationships continue

Five lesson plans are available online
Sadly, the Malaga Island exhibit at the Maine State Museum has closed. Descendants and members of the exhibit team, including myself, smiled and shed tears throughout the gathering on Saturday that marked the closing of the year-long run for this exhibition. Whether you visited the exhibit and lament its closing, or you could never fit a trip to Augusta into your schedule, take heart. Malaga Island materials remain readily available online and the personal relationships -- rediscovered and forged anew -- will continue.

The Malaga Island educational materials, especially the classroom-based lesson plans, will enjoy a life beyond that of the wonderful, award-winning exhibit. Most exciting to me is how the interdisciplinary and inquiry-based learning approach of the five lesson plans, including their use of the Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy novel, could potentially secure Malaga Island an enduring place in the curriculum of Maine's schools.

Please help spread the word about these exciting, online resources that have been made available to educators and members of the public:

-Malaga Island artifacts
-Malaga Island historic photographs
-Malaga Island Lesson Plans - Five lessons plans encourage a comparison of fiction and non-fiction materials about the historic events on Malaga Island, encourage skill building in critical thinking and primary source evaluation, explore Malaga's place in a complex ecosystem, and strengthen understanding of the scientific process.
-Malaga Island Radio Documentary "A Story Best Left Untold"
-C-SPAN Malaga Island Documentary
-Interview with Malaga Island Archaeologists

[Patricia Pierce Erikson, Ph.D. is a Peaks Island-based writer, educator, and anthropologist who blogs here at Heritage in Maine and also at Peaks Island Press.] 

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  1. Thank you fro ahring this.. a great resource for our Genealogy!